The ideal way to go green

IPD IS THE Way To Go Green

Our one team approach can peel back the onion without any tears.  It’s the value proposition. With our LEED AP Architects, engineers, and contractors working collaboratively, the best ideas can be compared and contrasted without the traditional turf wars and hidden mark-ups.  The right solutions for the owner can be worked out accurately and be incorporated from the start.  No other delivery method is so transparent.

Having everyone at the table from the start allows the entire team to plan and identify with you, the owner, the sustainably features that make sense for your project. Using a total Lifecycle Cost Analysis insures that money is spent in the appropriate places to drive profits and reduces costs over the course of a project’s life. We avoid unintended consequences and wasted capital that can result when individual trades try to incorporate Green practices on an ad-hoc basis. From healthier employees or end-users to a healthier bottom-line, we offer green solutions that make sense. We strive to maximize your true R.O.I.