Our History

A better way to work; developed, promoted and now accepted worldwide

The Beginning – The “Original IPD”

We were not naïve. We knew that aligning interests, objectives and practices, even in a single business, is not easy or automatic; however, the advantages are real and we had powerful ties and long standing relationships that could make it happen. A new process which we called Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) was taking shape. Primary team members would include the architect, key technical consultants as well as a general contractor and key subcontractors. We realized that by working as one unit – from the earliest stages of a project – sharing resources, risks and rewards, and incentivizing design and construction efficiency, the owner, the project and the team partners were better served.

We developed the IPD process in the 90’s and trademarked it in 2000.

Today – Embracing The IPD Process

We are proud that today, organizations such as American Institute of Architects (AIA) and other industry groups, have endorsed, published papers and held seminars on the IPD process we originated in the 90’s and trademarked in 2000. Over the course of that time we have continually refined and improved our IPD process and business practices. We continue to promote and expound on the virtues of our IPD process and how owners, designers and construction teams across the country can benefit.

Friends & Partners

We started as a group of professionals who had worked together on hundreds of projects throughout the world. We understood what it takes to make a project run smoothly and efficiently and we believed we could create an organizational structure and a process that would do things in a better way, the right way, the IPD way.

Our group, which includes engineering, architecture, and construction trades, still work together today after we created the IPD process, a delivery system that is now used worldwide.