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Orlando Utilities Commission Events Center Energy Plant

Designed with the aesthetics of the surrounding neighborhood in mind, the 46 feet high, 6,000 SF facility is nestled near the southwest corner of the new Events Center and is meant to simply fit in. Using the Integrated Project Delivery system, all the key players were involved in the decision making from the very start and saved OUC over $1,000,000. At 4,000-tons total cooling capacity, this central energy plant was designed specifically to handle the cooling needs of the new arena, however, it is also connected to the Orlando Utilities Commission downtown chilled-water distribution system and can supplement its cooling needs when necessary. The chilled water plant in its current state features three 1,000-ton Trane centrifugal chillers piped in series (the piping, pumps and condenser water system are in place for four chillers, the fourth chiller will be added at a later date), a  five cell 4,000-ton Marley cooling tower, two 6,525 GPM vertical inline chilled water pumps, two 4,500 GPM vertical inline condenser pumps, a high capacity side stream water filtration system, a custom built fully automatic chilled water expansion system, 20” condenser pipe headers and 16” chilled water pipe headers.

“...this is the best plant we’ve built to date.”  Dave Bramlett

That's Interesting

Through the bid process, Integrated Project Delivery Inc. was able to develop multiple cost strategies that resulted in a price that was $1 million lower than the competition. Refinement of our techniques from previous chiller plants allowed us to deliver an improved product at the lower cost.

Fast Facts

  • Completion date: 2010
  • Saved over $1 million on a $7.5 million GMP
  • The Amway Events Center received LEED Gold Certification
  • Finished under budget and ahead of schedule

Orlando Utilities Commission North Chiller Plant

2007 Golden Brick Award, Orlando Downtown Partnership

The OUCooling North Central Energy Plant, located in the heart of Downtown Orlando, is an exciting addition to the system of plants operated by OUC in and around Orange County Florida. To meet the growing needs of the OUC and its expanding list of chilled water clients, Phase 1 of the design program called for an 8,400 square foot, single-storey building. The building contains: two large centrifugal chillers and their associated pumps, filters, chemical treatment equipment, electrical equipment and piping; additionally a triple-unit cooling tower sits atop the roof of the building. The equipment designed and installed in Phase 1 produces 3,000 tons of cooling, with Phase 2 delivering an additional 3,000 tons, and Phase 3 delivering the final 6,000 tons, for a total capacity of 12,000 tons of cooling.

In addition to the challenge of designing the intricate Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection systems, the primary challenge was to design a building that virtually concealed this equipment from the surrounding urban context, while at the same time, was aesthetically pleasing.

The resulting building and its attached transformer and service yards are a harmonious blend of design and materials that reflect both the location’s urban nature and the building’s industrial nature. Through the integration of an elevated steel superstructure above the roof of the building and the strategic placement of louvered aluminum equipment screens, very little of what takes place inside the facility is visible from its exterior. IPD was honored by the City of Orlando with a Golden Brick Design Award, recognizing projects which are an outstanding contribution to the Downtown area.

Our process, using 3-D modeling, allowed over 5,000 feet of conduit to be installed on-grade before the slab’s sub-grade was backfilled and compacted. Underground conduit eliminated the need for hangars, freed up ceiling space and shortened feeder lengths. This innovative non-traditional technique reduced three weeks off the project schedule and reduced costs significantly.

  • Completion date: 2004
  • Saved over $600,000 on $6 million GMP
  • Finished under budget and ahead of schedule

Orlando Utilities Commission South Chiller Plant Expansion

This addition to OUC’s South Central Energy original plant increased the capacity from 3,600-tons to 6,000-tons, with provisions made for future expansion. A total of $115,000 in savings was turned back to the owner. The design of the project incorporated all requirements for two new sets of chillers and cooling towers with provisions made for one additional future set. The project site was extremely restricted and construction took place without interfering with normal day-to-day activities involving customers and OUC staff as they came and went throughout the day. In addition, the project tied new equipment and systems with existing to provide a seamless total integrated whole.

The plant was fully operational during construction. In addition, there was a major change to the chiller during the project that resulted in no change in GMP or schedule.

  • Completion date: 2001
  • Saved over $200,000 on $2.7 million GMP
  • Finished under budget and ahead of schedule

Rollins College Comstock Building Renovation

The two-story, 6,000 SF Rollins College Comstock building design/build project entailed renovation of an unoccupied retail/office building into a state-of-the-art alumni affairs facility. The prime objective was to update the masonry exterior and wood frame interior structure to current standards, while maintaining the buildings historic character. The renovations included complete removal and replacement of all interior partitions, finishes and building systems and the addition of an elevator. The exterior updates included new windows and detailing to reinforce the buildings architectural character.

An unexpected outside air intrusion problem caused a condensation problem that damaged drywall after the building was occupied. Our IPD team identified the problem, designed the fix, and resolved the issue quickly, and without cost to the owner.

  • Completion date: 2004
  • GMP $754,090
  • Finished under budget and ahead of schedule

Rollins College Sutton Place

This project involved upgrading an existing four story apartment complex to allow it to be used for student housing.  New infrastructure elements including fire sprinklers, telephone and data wiring, security and fire alarm systems, air conditioning upgrades, and a new gas fired water heater had to be incorporated into the existing structure.

Our IPD team designed and fabricated a new aluminum soffit system to conceal the new added elements and meet the fire codes. While designing system layouts, we realized that the fire sprinkler contractor could core and seal all opening s for all trades, saving duplicate equipment and labor.

  • Completion date: 2002
  • Met rigorous summer schedule
  • Saved over $50,000 on a $1,000,000 project
  • Finished under budget and ahead of schedule